A Ideia

Nota: Como o nosso target são clientes estrangeiros, a apresentação da nossa ideia é feita em inglês. 

Laurus Premium Living Services provides comprehensive services for planning and facilitating your integration either you live in Portugal, you want to live in or even if you are just simply considering a move to Portugal.

Our service offer builds up on helping you in ALL STAGES of your moving decision process whilst addressing all practical aspects of the move. 

If you are considering living in Portugal, ideally your first step consists on coming in and experiencing how it is living in Portugal. Here, an in-depth understanding of the legal and bureaucratic features, the cultural and language barriers is critical.

We turn your “decision experience” into more than a simple touristic package. Through our "Feel Portugal" experience - that can go up to 15 days - you will be able to visit cultural and historical spots, to learn about the Portuguese culture, taste the unique flavours of Portugal whilst enjoying a pure relax time. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to understand the realities and practicalities of living in Portugal by meeting the right people at the right time. This includes other expats already living in Portugal and our trusted partners. All this supported by our team of Personal Assistants specifically assigned to you.

Once you decide to move to Portugal, there are a wide range of practicalities to be addressed until you are finally installed in your new life: find an accommodation, take care of a various of basic needs (healthcare or special nutrition, for instance), choose a bank to work with, get fiscal advise, take care of endless number of bureaucracy. All this can be very time-consuming.

With Laurus Premium Living Services you don’t have to worry about all this. We are here for you.

Our services will:
·         Advise you regarding your accommodation;
·         Introduce you to the right banker and tax advisor;
·         Take care of ALL the required bureaucracy;
·         Identify and manage the key service providers to cover your main needs, assuring that all the services are provided according to your expectations;
·         Follow up of all the service provision and support you along the integration process.

Above all, we aspire to be your trusted advisor to make your living in Portugal easy, pleasant and truly unique!